Tuesday 5 January 2010

Recipe - Wild Boar Steaks with Potato, Parsnip and Chorizo Hash

This is my first post of the year so I thought I'd go a bit wild. Wild boar to be exact.

When you cook boar you can treat it as you would with pork. Wild boar is basically a pig that has been teased until it has flipped and gone wild. ;) The texture etc is very similar to pork, the main difference is that the flavour is a bit stronger.

I was originally going to serve it with a potato gratin but then I had another idea. I performed a quick inventory and realised that I had all the needed ingredients for what I was thinking of and my new side dish was close to being cooked for the first time. I must say that I really liked the flavour combinations I got together in this one.

I'm not giving any exact measurements for the hash, use the proportions and make as much as you think you'll need. To be honest, I could eat it as a main dish with maybe an fried egg or two to accompany it.

I guess I should wish you all a Happy New Year and move on to the recipe now...

Wild Boar Steaks
Olive oil

2 parts potatoes, diced into about 5 - 10mm dice
1 part parsnip, diced into about 5 - 10mm dice
1 part onion, diced
1 part chorizo, diced into about 5 - 10mm dice
A good amount of curly leaf parsley, minced
Olive oil

Bring a pan of salted water to the boil. Plunge in the potatoes and parsnips and let them par-boil for 2 - 3 minutes. Drain them and then quickly empty the sieve into a pan of ice (or really cold) water to stop the cooking process. Once they've cooled down properly, drain them again.

Heat some oil in a frying pan on a medium heat, pop in the chorizo and onion and let them sweat for a couple of minutes. Once the chorizo has released a fair amount of its oil add in the potatoes and parsnip. Let this fry until it all starts to crispen up, stirring now and then. Season to taste and stir in the parsley just before serving.

While the hash is cooking, heat some more oil in another frying pan. Season and cook the steaks to your liking. Let them rest for 5, or more, minutes before serving together with the hash.


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  1. Just nice! btw... Merry christmas! and Happy new year!!! that was kind of late XD Hope you had a great time.

    My best wishes

    A big hug for you.


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