Tuesday 5 May 2009

Lamb Kebab Redux

I had some leftovers when I cooked these lamb kebabs the other day. Well, saying that - I had to force myself not to eat them all the first night just so I could create this post the next day. ;)

As you might understand from the initial post, as well as this one, I really like the flavours in these kebabs. They taste as good, if not even better, reheated the next day.

While the kebabs were being reheated in the oven, I popped open a couple of pitta pockets and spooned in some of the garlic free tsatziki.

Once the kebabs were nice and warm I sliced them and added into the pitta pockets.

This could be the best way to serve these kebabs if you are going for them at a barbecue or picnic.


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