Sunday 3 February 2008

Super Bowl Sunday - The preparations [CANCELLED]

Due to various reasons I've decided to cancel todays Super Bowl Party. The pork will be used, but the rest won't be cooked.

Sorry if I have disappointed anyone.

// Mike

I'll try to keep a running commentary on the preparations for today's event... All times are in GMT ;)


Not much happening. The pork is getting cosier and warmer on the barbie.

The coverage of the Newcastle v Middlesbrough match has started on Sky Sports and I think Fat Sam Allardyce just set a record as the most bitter man in football. :)


I've been down the supermarket and done the first shopping run.

The pork is on the barbie and the smoking/cooking of it has started.

No sign of any help from the housemates as of yet.

Back later...

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